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Holly, Japanese, Ilex crenata Dark Green

Suitable for any normal soil and position and 
Ultimate Height12ft (3.7m)Exposed/WindyNo
Hedge Height2-6ft (60-180cm)Damp ShadeNo
Av. Growth/Year*8-12ins (20-30cm)Dry ShadeYes
Wet SitesNo
NativeNoCoastal AreasNo
EvergreenYesChalky SoilNo

Av. Growth/Year* = Average growth per year in first 10-20 years, click here for more details.

HOLLY, BOX-LEAVED (Holly, Japanese) (Ilex crenata Dark Green)
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In appearance similar to Box and may be used as a substitute if Box Blight may prove to be a problem. 'Dark Green' is a more robust form of Box-Leafed Holly with glossy, small, dark green leaves. Once established can grow at least 8ins (20cm) a year. Produces small black shiny fruits in autumn, and makes an excellent evergreen hedge.
HEDGE Trim late summer. For hedges 2-6ft (0.6-1.8m). Plant 1.5ft (45cm) apart.
SHRUB 10ft x 4ft (3m x 1.2m).

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 Price per plant for 
 Pg 4-8ins
10-20 cm

Pg = Pot grown.


Please enter length of hedge you require below. The number of plants and price for these will then be shown on the right hand side.

Length of Hedge

Planting Distance18ins/45cm
No Plants 
Pg  8-12ins
20-30 cm
Pg   4-8ins
10-20 cm

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